Saturday, November 21, 2009


Some people don't accomplish nearly the amount of things that "we" accomplished in 2006. (AND, I just wanted some of you to laugh at my blond hair!!)

ANNOUNCED 2nd Pregnancy

ATTENDED Two Day Wedding Extravaganza for Katie and Paul while PREGGO!

WATCHED Pat give speech at said Extravaganza after gaining about 20 pounds!

TRAVELED to Saint Louis

ATE the yummiest Easter Brunch ever, and watched Pat gain some more weight!

GRADUATED from Law School

MOVED to Anthem

(here's the full belly if you must see me less than 2 months before giving birth!)

PASSED the AZ Bar Exam-sadly I don't have a picture of this momentous event!

GAVE birth to darling Tyler!

SAW Rachael Ray in person at Ghetto Mills Mall!

LEARNED that Tyler had eyes only for Daddy back in the day!

MET the Anthem Santa for the first time!


Roberta said...

Totally forgot how fat Pat had gotten--he sure did have a full face in those pictures-too funny!! But how did he lose it all so fast-not fair!!!

Karissa said...

OMG! Pat is hillarious!! I loved the trip down memory lane!! Such a beautiful, amazing family!! Could Jackson and Malakai be ANY cuter sitting on that couch??!!

Love you!


Carrie said...

WOW! Great pics!