Tuesday, November 10, 2009

30 Things I Would Buy for Pat, if I were RICH!

1. Porsche Cayenne Turbo

2. Mercedes

3. 3 piece suit

4. Joanie's Pottery Barn Couch she has on Craig's List (might be a little bit for me too)!

5. Really nice watch-Rolex maybe?

6. PS3

7. A big screen TV

8. new i-Pod

9. new laptop

10. Einstein's Bagel Gift Card with an unlimited amount of $ on it!

11. Membership at Disneyland's Club 33

12. Trip to Europe

13. Beach House in San Diego

14. New Tennis Racket (not from Target)

15. An appointment with a top stylist to do something with his hair that he has been asking me about for over 10 years! What do I know? I wear black pants and a t-shirt every day, HA!

16. Golf Lessons

17. Trip to meet the cast of Glee Audition to be on the show Glee

18. 14 Day Round Trip Cruise to Hawaii (also might be a little bit for me-but seeing me happy should make him happy, right?)!

19. Membership to a certain Country Club that is right by us.

20. Nice bottle of Malbec

21. Lawn service

22. Contacts

23. Suburban-so he could stop listening to me talk about how I want one! Isn't that nice of me!???

24. The Nerf Game for Wii

25. A paralegal he gets along with

26. Unlimited supply of junk food here at home: twinkies, chips and ranch dip, Dr Pepper, hot dogs, and the list goes on and on!

27. A house with LOTS AND LOTS of carpet

28. A deep fryer

29. A few extra hours in each and every day!

30. The new Michael Buble CD, but that will be owned by JACLYN SWOPE for her "My collection of frozen bananas is bigger than yours!" Some may think this is silly, but I chose it because of Pat, and since it is his birthday and all, I will tell you that he has threatened to throw my three or four frozen bananas away a million and one times, and I am not sure what he would do if I had NINETEEN in the freezer!!! Congrats. .. you will be able to rock out to the sweet sounds of Michael Buble-while making some banana bread! (ooooh, and Go Bananas is a Fresh Beat Band song, you scored points with your comment as well!)

HAPPY 30th Birthday Pat-hope you have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Love it!! I tried and tried to come up with something for the contest but had no ideas. Brain must have been fried. Bananas cracked me up! I always have some in the freezer too. I don't think Andy's even noticed them.

the swope family said...

YAY! Totally didn't expect this one!!!

Happy Birthday Pat! Hope you have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, thought was very thoughtful! Great ideas! I can't wait till you are rich. Although, I believe the Glee cast member visit is for you. :-) Love you!!!!

Colleen said...

um, who has the Glee soundtrack in their car right now??????? I think the answer is YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie Thomson said...

I like how the mercedes driver is a woman. Is that one for you too?

Colleen said...

It is Paris Hilton, it was the first one I found. I don't like Mercedes, I would want a BMW!