Monday, November 16, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Too funny to leave out of the Ten on Tuesday! I really want to submit it to Jay Leno. . .God Bless Tyler's teachers, they were soooooooooooooo proud of this project, and when I took a look at it, I couldn't stop laughing, SERIOUSLY!!!???? Plimoth. . .try Plymouth next time people!

(and a picture of Tyler because she wanted to hold her boat and have her picture taken!)

2. I need to find some guidance in becoming the mom I would like to be. . .because most days, I am TOTALLY NOT!!!

3. Next Tuesday, I am going in for a bladder sling and uterine ablation. I am anxious to see how it all goes, I wonder if it will bring the desired relief, but mostly I am scared about the "No Driving for Two Weeks Rule!" When the procedure was sold to me, the doctor told me one week, then I got the papers in the mail and it said two weeks. I haven't told Pat about this yet because I fear he may FLIP OUT! I am totally going to have to send out a schedule of drivers, but I don't live close to the schools, what the heck am I going to do? I certainly cannot be alone in the house with them for two weeks, SHOOT ME NOW!

4. I don't like Sarah Palin, that is no secret, but she THREW McCain under the bus on Oprah, and apparently does this again and again on 20/20 Friday night, so I am curious, if you liked her before, do you still like her? Do you like her more than McCain? Because I like McCain WAY MORE THAN HER, and she just gave me ANOTHER REASON to hate her! Although I want to squeeze that sweet little baby, Trig! He is just too cute for words!

5. While I LOVE Dolce's services, I absolutely DESPISE the girls that work at the front desk, most specifically the Arrowhead location. THEY ARE MORONS, no one knows how to ring up gift cards, they stare into space and wait for some other MORON to come to their assistance, FOR THE LOVE. . .Tabitha would DIE if she saw the crap these girls are pulling!

6. Each year as Jackson's birthday approaches, I start to get depressed. I DID NOT put one thought into how TERRIBLE a December birthday would be, not only December but TWO DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS, who has the energy?! I am a person who thinks out EVERYTHING, but seriously, he NEVER gets to go to school on his birthday! While he calls his school birthday his "pretend" birthday, we all know it is not the same! Sweet thing just wants me to bring him McDonald's like we did for Tyler on her birthday! Lucky for me, this year his birthday is on a Sunday, Football Day, the day he loves most!

7. Pat and I watched The Ugly Truth this weekend (1) HYSTERICAL (2) Maybe I am getting old, but was it TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE!?? (3) Pat and I just kept wondering if we really heard the tv correctly!???

8. Has anyone ever been to the Wrigley Mansion? I feel I want to go, but I also feel it may be overrated!

9. I really want the Cardinals to do well this year. They are so random with when they play well and when they do not, but I am desperate to have a team to cheer for once Fantasy Football is over!

10. My mom's college roommate, Joanie, moved here this summer. I love that she is here. I know her situation is TOTALLY different than Karissa's, but it gives me hope that MAYBE one day Karissa and I will live in the same city!


Katie Thomson said...

I just want to come right on over and give Ty Ty a big huge hug! She's just too dang cute!

I think they told me 3 weeks for no driving after a c-section and I was driving after a week. I was told I didn't need "live in help" :o(

Colleen said...

If you do the heavy lifting or driving, it can weaken the sling, and it will not be as effective. Therefore, I don't want to take any chances. I have a plan for how Tyler can get in an out of her crib, and Pat should be able to drop off and pick up, so we will see! It is my understanding that I should be good to go the next day, once I sleep off the medicine. That's what will be so torturous, feeling ok, but not being able to do anything.

Katie Thomson said...

oohh..what's the plan for Tyler to get in and out?
And don't get addicted to that medicine...ya hear? ;o)

Anonymous said...

I'm in for driver!!! Grocery trips together??? Give me Jackson's seat and I can help out tons. Really - it's OK!!! Anything to have you sneeze in peace. :) XXOO

PS - You could borrow the infamous Dora bed for 2 weeks. You know she'd be in heaven.

Claire said...

I have been to Wrigley Mansion!!! This day will go down in history as the one time I have been somewhere you haven't! ;o) The Christmas parties at Justin's old firm were always there. It is really nice, beautiful... and their food is really good. But, I wouldn't say it is a "must see"!

Karissa said...

First of all, that Kate is right! Little Tyler is gorgeous!! You better lock her up early on!!

2. I'm not touching that...your AMAZING!!

3. I'll be thinking about you!

4. Not enough to type ;)

6. I agree!! So hard! As you know we are 4 days BEFORE Christmas. To make matters more difficult Kai's 2 best-friends also have December birthdays so we always have to get together to pick who is doing what days! I see combining them in the near future!!

10. That means there is still hope!!


Anonymous said...

just a lurker here that loves reading your blog! So fun! I always say I was a way better parent before having kids! Damn!

Anyway does poor little Tyler know that her teachers spelled PLYMOUTH ROCK WRONG!!! IT is not PLIMOUTH! Haha!:P

Colleen said...

OH YES-that's why I posted the picture because Plimoth, made me laugh hysterically! Her teachers are ancient, one of them actually taught me in preschool, AND they are darling, but OBVIOUSLY they can't spell. They wrote it on EVERY SINGLE PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why I want to send it to Jay Leno, I am going to look into that, it's too funny not to!