Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Santa-Part 2

Let's be real Santa, you haven't done a real good job of getting me what I want for Christmas. Usually I have to do all the work myself, and you even take it as far as having me wrap my own gifts. I am prepared, don't worry, I know I haven't been the best of girls this year, but come on, I have seen the way kids behave today, I can't be any worse than them!

(1) Target gift card to fuel the Clearance addiction.
(2) Michael Buble and Joss Stone new CD
(3) a DVD player
(4) REALLY LARGE flat screen tv (just in case you did find a sponsor and they want to throw this in)
(5) new computer, I mean seriously, I can't write you these letters or provide delightfully entertaining blogs to my seven or eight followers if my computer runs like a tortoise
(6) a maid-just a standard request
(7) also a nanny if I am able to request help
(8) a diagnosis, just in case you happen to be magical like you claim
(9) those Reebok shoes that have the AMAZING looking girl modeling them in the commercial that make me feel like a GIANT LAZY ASS every time it comes on-I mean, you must just put them on and poof you look like her, I wouldn't have to work out or anything? Size 8
(10) The sequin Coach purse OR shoes, but really just one or the other, both of them and you would see me coming from a mile away.
(11) My kids to overcome their fear of animals-so annoying.
(12) For Postino's to deliver, or at least start curb side service, and a gift card there because I love it, love like marriage!
(13) For my husband to come home early once a week, by early I mean 2 or 3! I mean if he is going to work late once a week, shouldn't it be compensated with him coming home early once a week?
(14) Costco gift cards are always good because they have easy to make food that is YUMMY, and that is a gift to me-FOR SURE!
(15) Tyler learning to play by herself would be a REAL TREAT!
(16) black furry flip flops from Macy's-Roxy brand-they are not slippers, they are in the shoe department and Andrea and Shannon told me that I can wear them out!
(17) The Pioneer Woman Cooks (cookbook)
(18) Trip to St Louis to see my Bestie!
(19) Bath and Body Works gift card-I really only like certain scents, so please just let me pick my own!
(20) Any sort of wine (preferably with a fun label), I don't discriminate, always makes a nice gift!

Can't say I never told you what I want.

Sick of Wrapping Her Own Presents and Putting them Under the Tree


Micaila said...

Santa should buy the P-dub book from amazon or B&N, cause it's 2x the price IN the stores, just FYI santa....

Laurie said...

Just curious...does your "sponser" idea ever work out? If so I need to get on that bandwagon!! ha ha!

Halarious post by the way, very well written! Maybe we could just switch wardrobes since I hate everything in mine too!

PS my word verification is "outchie" no lie!

Colleen said...

Come on now, do you really think it ever works???? It is fun to hope though. Without hope, you've got nothing! And, if you don't put it out there in the universe, well then, how would anyone know!? Plus, I would love to see what other people covet because maybe it would give me something else to desire, LOL!!!!

A wardrobe switch, maybe we could be on to something here, LOL!!!

Cynthia said...

When I get the time, and God knows when that will be, I'm going to copy you and write my own letter to Santa. I laughed out loud, since I already have 2 gifts I bought for myself, that will mysteriously appear under my tree :)

very fun post!

maybe someone should forward it to Pat.


the swope family said...

I love this! So much fun to read! Thanks for brightening up my evening with some humor!

Katie Thomson said...

I too have bought two of my own presents already! And I am sure I will be wrapping them too! I think us, "santas" need a break!