Friday, November 6, 2009

Mission. . .FAIL!

(1) Rebecca was right, I was headed to the new H&M grand opening, but it was a zoo, and I have a daughter who doesn't deal well with a lot of noise, so we had a quiet stroll around Paradise Valley Mall instead!

(2) DO NOT EVER get a cocktail recipe from Brad Swope after he has had 12 beers! My Skittles martini needed a few more ingredients other than the Skittles and vodka he swore by. It was yummy, after I added lemonade and Sprite, but not so yummy by its lonesome!


the swope family said...

LOL! So glad you figured out the right ingredients and enjoyed your drink!!

Karen said...

There's an H&M in Phoenix?!? That's so exciting!! Once I lose the baby weight I will be making a trip.