Sunday, November 29, 2009

Online Shopping FREAK!

OK, so most of you know about my fear of people ringing my doorbell. I hate when people come to my door, I will most likely NOT ANSWER if you show up unannounced, and you will hear us all inside trying to be TOTALLY QUIET! However, after being stuck inside for almost four days, with no chance to get to any stores on Black Friday, I finally caved and started online shopping. First, I started buying things for those who live out of town. I don't know why I try to buy anything and mail it, it is soooooooooo much easier to ship from the site DIRECTLY to their house! So, I made a few purchases! Then, I started to feel a little down, not that I don't LOVE giving and all, but I wanted something to look forward to at my house (HOW RAPIDLY MY FEAR SUBSIDES AFTER BEING STUCK IN A HOUSE WITH CRABS ALL WEEKEND)! Please let the UPS/FedEx man/woman be friendly, someone with a smile, someone that DOES NOT HAVE SWINE FLU! So, I make a few purchases. You know what I did, I started using up the gift cards that I still have in my wallet from last Christmas. Got the kids some clothes, bought a few gifts for my family, ordered some gift cards, renewed my grandpa's POGO subscription (I figured it was just easier since I set it up to log on and insert my card number than trying to have him do it!) Seriously, it was ADDICTING! AND YOU KNOW WHAT, I got to do it all from the privacy of my own home, most came with free shipping, and I was wearing my pajamas the whole time. I think I even earned a Disney dollar or two! So from this home to yours. . .Merry Christmas and HAPPY SHOPPING!


Karen said...

I love online shopping. Only if I can get free shipping though. Old Navy has free shipping with $50 purchase, and I think Target does too. My UPS guy just rings the doorbell and puts the box by the door. He doesn't wait for me to answer. By the time I get to the door he's usually back in his truck driving off ... so I don't have to worry about random people being at my door.

The Jehovah's Witnesses on the other hand ... totally freak me out. Every now and then they come around several weeks in a row and I always panic and almost hold my breath in the house until they leave. Sometimes I crouch down & hide if our blinds are open.

Karissa said...

Welcome to the Dark Side!! Where the pj's are warm and the hair isn't brushed! Just us and our computer! There is NOTHING better :)