Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great Day!

My sister stopped by, and I encouraged her to come back with Rylee, and MUCH to my surprise, she did, and it was so much FUN! I loved seeing her. I can't believe how much more mobile she is! She loved my make shift coffee table that I made for her out of a box, and I fed her goldfish for the very first time. SHE LOVES ME! So glad that Pat cannot have kids anymore because ooohhh, she makes me want another! SO SWEET!

The afternoon flew by, I think Katie should quit her job and come hang out with me during the witching hour (3-7), the kids were fascinated by her, and they couldn't believe all the "tricks" she could do!

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO LAURIE LEE for introducing us to Old Navy Weekly and my SISTER for sending me a coupon, GOT SOME AMAZING STUFF there today, and I didn't pay much at all! THANKS YOU TWO! YOU ROCK!


Karen said...

The witching hour is so hard ... luckily the play gym I take Brandt to changed to their summer hours so now they have playtime from 3-3:45. That helps break up the afternoon/evening a lot. Otherwise I start to go a little nuts during that time.

Katie Thomson said...

We had a great time too! Jackson and Tyler kept Rylee entertained as well! She slept until 6:30 this morning! YAY! We might be over every day during the summer!

Laurie said...

Yeah! I totally scored a $50 off $100 this past week! I have to get down there and use it before Sat!

Colleen said...

I actually used two of them because I split my pile, don't let them kid you about only being able to use the barcode once, you can use it multiple times!