Monday, June 8, 2009

Ten on Tuesday=FRIENDS

1. I am constantly the recipient of Claire's, "Will you be home tomorrow, I will give you a call!?" She never calls!!!! I still love her, most days, I really miss her! I can't talk on the phone either these days because it seems like all I do is play referee to some drama that occurs as soon as the kids see the white handset on my ear!

2. Shannon will be in San Diego from June 30-July 19, WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO?

3. I never talk to Karissa anymore, it is sad, when we do talk it is almost like I don't even comprehend what we are talking about because we are jamming so much stuff in! Then, I think of more stuff, and I don't want to call back and be annoying, so I just think, "Oh, I will tell her next time!" I am sure I never do!

4. I miss Lori! She is probably the funniest friend I have, and we always wind up in these random situations, remind me to tell you about the time were stranded in a field, long before the time of cell phones, HA!

5. I am sure that Jaclyn and I both wish she didn't live so far away! I hate to call and have her drive into the "city", and I hate to drive, so we don't get together NEARLY ENOUGH! Her boys would be the perfect playmates for my children since Jackson doesn't have enough play dates with boys, and Tyler, she would just mother Harper to death!

6. Cynthia's a real and true friend, and I say this because I don't have to talk to her everyday, every month, even once a year (NOT SURE I EVEN HAVE A CURRENT NUMBER FOR HER!), but I know if I need to vent, e-mail, call (I could get her number), etc., she will be there to listen to me vent even though her husband works WAY MORE hours than mine. She doesn't judge, and she completely understands if you have to back out or can't follow through!

7. I haven't seen this girl since high school, but Karen has become one of my favorite blogs to visit. I love her sense of humor, the links to all the blogs she reads, how we can differ in opinion and still remain "cyber" friends.

8. My sister and I would be much better friends if she would drink more, FOR THE LOVE OF MONKEYS, who has one glass of wine in a weekend that your husband is away. More like, one bottle per day! It is like Chinese water torture for her to have more than two glasses of wine!

9. Speaking of not drinking, I actually do have a friend who doesn't drink that I hold near and dear to my heart-CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Miss Laurie, shared with us the Old Navy Weekly coupon and for that I will always be grateful! We had a lovely nap time conversation, probably hadn't spoken in almost 6 years, but we were able to pick up right where we left off!

10. Andrea and Tamara complete "The Gang", and I need not say more!


Cynthia said...

ohhhhh! that was so nice! thanks so much ! what a spirit lifter! and right back at ya! and here are my numbers- 858- 564-8048 and cell 858-603-9774

Claire said...

Cripes! I was supposed to call you yesterday, wasn't I?!? I am the worst at it. Does it help that I was at the pediatricians office for two hours and then had to get a prescription filled? UGH - SORRY!
Glad to know that is the #1 on your TonT post. Way to make a girl feel guilty! LOL!
Love you!

Colleen said...

I still didn't get a phone call, so you must not be feeling too guilty! I AM JUST KIDDING!!! I can hardly stand to talk on the phone, I much prefer e-mailing.

If you were at the pediatrician's office for two hours, CERTAINLY you were there to see Padrez, LOL! Hope everything is alright, I heard there is a nasty cold going around. Or, maybe your girls caught poison ivy camping, just one of the million reasons I hate the outdoors, LOL!

Talk to you soon, let me know what night you want to do Postino!

the swope family said...

I do wish I was closer! Maybe, someday, when Harper is down to 1 nap a day, I will drive up so the kids can play and we can talk!!! Until then, the random MNO will have to suffice....

Karen said...

Thanks for including me! I'm glad we "re-connected" recently - it's good to have another "mom" perspective to bounce ideas off of and relate to.

K to the M said...

You could call a MILLION times and NEVER be annoying! It makes me sad to!!

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