Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wolf Dog Coyote

CRAZY afternoon at the house! We don't have a fenced in backyard, it opens to a grassy area and community pool. I don't know what possessed me to open the blinds today, I NEVER DO, BUT all of a sudden I looked out and saw a wolf. I texted Pat, "There is a coyote in our backyard!" To which he replies, "Seriously!"

NO DUDE, I just made that up while I hang out in my house!

I call Shannon, she asks if there is a collar (GOOD QUESTION!)! No COLLAR! We decide to call it a wolf dog. Everyone is asking me to take a picture. My cell phone wouldn't get a good shot, and my camera was in the car on the driveway, and I was too afraid to go out any door!

Jackson wakes up from his nap and sees it, he calls it a coyote, until he sees the tail and decides it is a wolf tail!

At this point, Animal Control has been called and is on their way! Jackson, Tyler and I sit at the back window (sliding glass door) and stare at the coyote! It was the most amusing thing ever-I have had two REALLY good afternoons recently, I SHOULD NOT HOPE FOR MORE!

The coyote sat there for OVER TWO HOURS, about 30 minutes before Pat leaves work, it takes off!

How do I know it was a coyote?


is EXACTLY what I saw!


K to the M said...

OMG!! Did animal control get to see it!? That is WILD! (No pun intended)

Is it all Jackson can talk about? If Malakai saw that he would talk about it for days!!


K to the M said...

PS. That's one of the many reasons I love you...your such a SNOB!!

K to the M said...

Okay I had two windows open and that comment was supposed to be to you on MY confused

Colleen said...

Never heard or saw animal control, is that a joke? What kind of animal does it have to be for animal control to get here pronto??

I think Tyler was more fascinated with the cy-lo-te than Jackson, she would just stare at it and everytime it put his head up or down she would announce "cy-lo-te sleeping" or "cy-lo-te awake"!

Jackson was too busy discussing what he wanted for dinner! Sorry buddy, no time to think about dinner, gotsta watch the coyote!