Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trying to Remain Positive

Pat is ridiculously busy, RIDICULOUSLY!! He has logged some RIDICULOUS amount of hours so far this month, I don't even want to think about it, just look back and remember the night he was at work until 1 AM! The nights are long, the phone calls to annoy him and ask him when he is coming home are short, but I am trying to remain postitive, there are sooooooooooooo many people out of work, people are taking pay cuts, etc. However, the summers are long and hot, and it is these days that I would like to get away, escape the heat, have some help, etc. BUT, we are blessed, preschool is a blessing, our short get aways are a blessing, the weekly gatherings of family are so fun (SO GLAD JOANIE IS MOVING HERE, DAVID IS COMING TO VISIT, etc), the pool is always blue, and believe it or not, my house is ALWAYS clean. I have that POP IN house that I have always wanted. I may be in my pajamas when I answer the door, but even my mom cannot believe how clean my house is. I can clean a house, I just chose not to when I lived in the foreclosure home! SPEAKING OF WHICH, I owe you the whole story now that we are GONE! (Isn't our courtyard pretty, that's where the picture was taken above!)
The foreclosure was a VERY difficult time for me, looking back on it, I think it ties my appendix as the most trying time in my life. FOUR heavyset/HUGE men arrived on my doorstep May 14th, 2009. While I totally knew that it was coming, these men were the realtor and his pimps that wanted to buy the house, they asked me some questions, asked if I knew my house was going into foreclosure, to which I replied, "No. I rent!" Thank GOD I did because the man was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to me after that-he ended up buying the house. He gave us until the 1st to get out when REALLY, I only had to have 5 days. We found this amazing house, but it was a LONG and torturous 15 days. I thought people were CONSTANTLY trying to get into my house, ask me questions, etc. I wasn't comfortable in my own house, couldn't sleep, thought I was seriously going crazy, but now I know that was a temporary situation. Would I love more sleep here, SURE, would I love a maid, lawn service, Diet Coke fountain, sure! I would still love all those things, but I am no longer FEARFUL of people knocking on my door. That's a little untrue, I still harbor some terror of strangers, but overall, I think I am recovering!
SO, I beg you to stick with me, I will try to whine less and drink more, HA! I can't promise it will be a TON better, but I am hopeful that the doom and gloom is behind me, and I can focus on the good!


Laurie said...

You're a trooper! So glad to hear you're somewhere a bit more stable for everyone's sanity - cause we all know that when mom goes crazy, everyone suffers! My poor family knows that too well! But you are so right to focus on the positive, that is what has gotten me through the past few years with all the stuff that has happened to us, there is always so much to be thankful for!!!

Short and Sweet said...

So glad that things are working out for you and your family and that you found a nice house to live in. You seem to be a lot calmer which is a good thing. Enjoy...a lot of "stuff" is now behind you.

K to the M said...

I can't imgaine what you had gone through during that time! I'm so glad to hear you happy! We all knew that wasn't the "real" Colleen which is why my main goal was to listen and support you...not so sure I did a great job of that considering my lack of existence...I'm so sorry!

Your a fighter!! Always have been! I love you and miss you terribly!!

Navy Wife said...

I'm glad you're in a happier place! I have recently found that attitude can make or break any situation. This is especially important, I've found, when little eyes are on you! So do you still drink in your driveway? I never got the real story on that! ;)

Colleen said...

@Karissa-you did a marvelous job!

@Navy Wife-at the last house we lived in, the pool pump didn't work, it was green, swampy, disgusting, no one would fix it, so we couldn't go in the backyard, so if we wanted to sit outside and have a drink, it would have to be in our driveway, LOL! I am not sure I ever did that, but we did move the grill around once and bbq on the driveway, Pat was mortified, I thought it was funny, but I was laughing from inside!! HA!

Keep up the good attitudes all, but remember it is ok to cry too! I don't hide the fact that I am very skilled in that department!