Monday, June 29, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. My kids are OBSESSED with Tekken, seriously they will play it for hours. Tyler selects her characters on the basis of what they are wearing, while Jackson goes for the characters that have a weapon. VERY CUTE!

2. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I L-O-V-E time away from my kids, the longer the better in my mind! However, on Sunday, I was actually pleased to see my kids, Pat, anyone really who loved me for me! I don't care that I wear my black pants every day, I don't care that my hair is still thrown up in the "Xavier" style 10 years later. I am who I am, and I will be that person whether my kids go to public school or a fancy private school.

3. I love the Bachelorette, seriously, LOVE IT!

4. I had a really good one for this week, and I said to Shannon, "Ten on Tuesday", SHOCKER, I cannot remember it!

5. Don't say "I Told You So!", but I am totally DYING to go to San Antonio, it would be great to go back three years later, see the peeps, eat the food and get to head back out again. PLUS, they have Magic Mountain and Sea World, who doesn't love that!

6. Jackson's true Texan shone through the other night when he threw down four helpings of Frito Pie. I ate it, and it was fine, but I really miss our friend Rob's Super Bowl Chili. It was sweet, delicious, and really nothing compares. I wish one of their family members would call me back so that I could get the recipe.

7. I am excited that Tyler has school this morning, Jackson and I are going to go swimming. It is now impossible to take both of them swimming by myself because someone has to be watching each of them at all times. If I am in with them by myself, I feel like a swivel head, SERIOUSLY!

8. The death of Michael Jackson has not really impacted my life in any way! Sure, I LOVE watching a good news story, but this one fizzled out pretty quickly in my opinion. He was bizarre, and it looks like with all the drug abuse he kind of got what was coming to him. I don't understand the people weeping in the streets, I do feel bad for the kids. Maybe if Justin Timberlake died I would weep in the streets. I just keep hoping that JT plays Michael Jackson in the movie they will make of his life, that's probably the only way I would go see it.

9. I am 100% addicted to Sorority Life on facebook, SERIOUSLY, I have the most addictive personality when it comes to games. I love "video" games, it is not surprising that my kids love it as well!

10. Chik-Fil-A has free breakfast all week, you don't need a coupon, so head over and get your grub on! It is a different breakfast item for free everyday!


Cynthia said...

several comments today -

on #2. that's right! be who you are. don't change.

#5. Obviously the intense heat has gotten to you.

#8. I'm of the MJ generation, and I could understand the initial shock of his death but a) the people weeping are kids, that's just silly, and b) ENOUGH already on the news footage. Lord almighty!

#10 no chick-fil-a's anywhere near us out here. I'm jealous.

Colleen said...

#5-You haven't been gone long enough, you will be CRAVING Rudy's BBQ and Chuy's Jalapeno Ranch soon enough! I would kill for some creamed corn from there right now! DELICIOSO!

#8-I laughed when I read the comment about Brooks not really caring about MJ's death, kind of how I felt, like what the heck is going on!

K to the M said...

Amen on the MJ issue!!

Can you please explain to me how to get more brownie points!!?? One time I hit a really good thing on the slot machine and that was it!! Do you do survey's? Must. Have. Help!


Colleen said...

Brownie points are the torture of my life, I am close to buying some, you get one when you switch levels, sometimes if you get one of those badges, I did a survey once, but I find them annoying, so I refuse to do more. I am staying away from the slots until I can get 20 for a boarder so that I can have a total of ten people in my house.

Karen said...

What is Tekken?

Colleen said...

A video game where your characters get in punching and kicking fights! It is sooooo not appropriate!

Katie Thomson said...

What do you get for free at Chick-fil-A? I might have to venture out and try this!!

I am definitely a fan of the black pants and t-shirts so I say wear them everyday! It took a lot from me NOT to wear them in the Thomson Family Picture! :o)