Thursday, June 11, 2009

Resort de Los Locos

Pat feels like he lives at a resort. I understand what he means: there just isn't enough room for everyone, he doesn't clean, he doesn't cook, HELL, I would totally think it is a resort too! The point of this post isn't really to rip on Pat although some days it is just WAY TOO EASY, the point is to show you all far and wide, those who may never come to my house just why he feels that way. This picture is taken on my back patio, Pat likes it because there's the pool, you can see it from our family room and Jackson's room, but HEY, we don't have to care for it. No more trips down to Durango for mosquito eating larvae-just crystal blue water and A HOT TUB! I think I am more obsessed with the shade we get from the overgrown tree. I think the coyote was too-still so mad I didn't have my camera that day!


Laurie said...

The shade from that tree is beautiful!! I can see many picnics under that tree with the kids when the weather cools down! I used to do that all the time in my old yard. It's funny to see what a thrill it is for the kids to eat somewhere other than the kitchen!