Monday, June 8, 2009

Macayo's Anyone?

This week, the theme of Jackson's summer camp is Frontierland, it is a whole Disney theme, and each week, they travel to a different land!

On the way home, I try to get a little bit of information out of him about what he did because I feel like the teachers give me ZERO information at the end of the day, it is so sad as they get older, and you don't have that personal connection with the teachers. ANYWAY, I asked Jackson if he read any stories today. He told me they read a book about a horsewagon, I asked him where the horsewagon went, to which he replies, "Macayo's!" Yes, I like Macayo's as much as the next person, but I am guessing the stagecoach didn't make a pit stop by Macayo's! I asked him what the horsewagon did there, "Ummmm, ate a lot of rice and beans and then left again!"

At this point, I am grinning from ear to ear, but I don't want to let on, so I ask him if he is joking or telling the truth. He says, "Both, the horsewagon went somewhere that starts with O, but I don't know where, so I said Macayo's!" Seriously, the boy can make me giggle!

I cannot wait to hear what the teachers have to say about this story in the morning!

P.S. I taped Space Jam, and I put it on for Jackson to watch while I write. We have had several debates about how he thinks it is a daddy movie, and why would I put it on for him to watch! (1) Wait for the cartoons and (2) I want you to see how amazing Michael Jordan is! HA!

P.P.S. My goal is to take some pics this weekend-KARISSA!


K to the M said...

I love that this story made me smile from ear to ear! 1 reason because I love his little imagination and 2 because we have some great memories involving Macayo's :)

Can't wait for the pictures!!