Friday, June 5, 2009

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That!

For the record, my mom HATES the Dollar Store, I love it, USUALLY! I bought some puzzles for my kids there yesterday, it was more torture to watch them put them together than it was FUN! The pieces didn't stay together, and I ended up doing the whole thing, really didn't help me out at all! Sometimes my mom is right about things, other times, like when she claims to be fat, NOT SO MUCH!

Right now, the kids and I are baking this in our oven! Really hope it inspires them to eat A LOT of dinner! I also hope it turns out because it looks YUMMY!


Relizra said...

It looks absolutely delicious. Will have to try it soon. Where did you find that blog, or whatever it was?

Colleen said...

I have never seen two little children eat their peaches and hot dogs as quickly as they did while it was sitting on the counter. Jackson SWALLOWED it whole, and Tyler ate the frosting along with a little of the cake part. Pat has had two pieces, and is in love with it! I don't know that it is the best thing I have ever tried (just took a tiny piece), but it is certainly a novelty!

Karen said...

I am picky about which dollar store I will go to. Most creep me out, but the Dollar Tree is usually pretty decent inside. I just never remember to go! I get really excited about everything being $1 though :)