Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ten on Tuesday-Big P, little p

1. Postino removed my most favorite wine in the entire world from their wine list. I AM DEVASTATED. However, not devastated enough for me to come in the door last night and ask Pat for a divorce so that I could marry Postino, that's how much I love it!

2. The potty training has been a BREEZE this time. Seriously, Tyler is a champ!

3. I love watching Tyler walk around and show everyone her panties. It is HYSTERICAL! She will lift her dress and show anyone who will look her princess panties, Dora panties, Minnie panties. This is something I never experienced with Jackson because boys don't walk around lifting their dress, so to me, it is such a charming part of potty training.

4. "I went poop in the potty!" is the way that Tyler starts many of her conversations these days. We have not seen Mario Parise in quite some time, he comes over to talk to her at a basketball game, and sure enough, out comes her phrase of the month! She is so proud of herself!

5. Preschool has worked WONDERS on Tyler. For those of you who knew her before this year and at the end, she is a new person. It still amazes me that she will talk to complete strangers!

6. People magazine is one of the highlights of my week. I love curling up in bed with it on a Friday or Saturday night, during naptime, or really anytime is a good time to read People magazine!

7. We go through SOOOOOO many paper products here: toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, PAPER for stickers, etc. Seriously, I feel like I have forest creatures that eat trees!

8. The price of petroleum is RIDICULOUS again! Americans just can't catch a break. As soon as the price of travel, food, entertainment, clothes, etc decreases, the price of gas increases, and any extra money someone may have had, must then go for gas. I am over it!

9. Tyler screams hysterically and runs away from the pool whenever she thinks she might have to go in. We played on the slip and slide over the weekend, and she went down twice, squealing the whole way, but then as soon as she hits the ground, she starts crying and saying she is done. She is sooooooooooooo dramatic! I have got to admit I just love staring at her butt when she wears a bathing suit. I told Pat I like to refer to it as "fresh butt" just so clean, flawless, innocent, MMmmmm! You never notice it when they are wearing a diaper, but now that she is diaperless it is so cute!

10. I think that I could eat pizza EVERY day! Jaclyn asked last night what my favorite pizza place is-definitely NOT Pizzeria Bianco, maybe Cibo, but then there is Oregano's, Sauce and Pizza Picasso that come in a close close second, followed by Peter Piper and Pizza Hut. I think the only places I DON'T like are Chuck E Cheese and Papa John's, but needless to say, I will still eat both! HA!


Katie Thomson said...

I am thinking maybe we will have to go with Paul's pizza and wing idea for Sunday then....

Brad said...

are you ill? you seriously do not like papa johns? it is my favorite!

Colleen said...

Pat loves it too, and I cannot stand it, I do love the nacho cheese sauce, but nope, not a fan of the actual pizza!