Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Pat was at work until 1 AM last night. Not only did I pack the entire house, I have unpacked this entire house (well, what I have done so far!). The end of the year Board Social is tonight, and I am not going to miss it, SO he had better find a sitter if he thinks he will be at work until 1 AM again!

2. Jackson told me yesterday that he can do whatever he wants in this house because it is so small, YEP, that's pretty much what everyone says when they walk into it! SUPER!

3. Pat's parents want to take us to the Ocean Club and let me tell you, I am a little more than excited! MAINLY for two reasons (1) Pat hates seafood, so I RARELY GET TO EAT IT and (2) they are supposed to have the most amazing lemon drop martinis-that is my favorite drink! I am already salivating!

4. I am more than a little concerned with the plane that disappeared out of the sky! People may ridicule my fear of flying, but DAMN, that is what I am talking about!

5. I have been here for three days, and already my car has been ticketed for being parked in the street. GIVE ME A WEEKEND to get my stuff out of the garage people! Good Lord, now I totally understand how Karissa feels with the HOA. Do you know where people are supposed to park overnight??? THE COUNTRY CLUB, for the love of monkeys!

6. I have already found about a million and one things wrong with the house we are in now. My latest is that you can't really see the tv during the day because of the skylights! WTF!

7. Tyler loves to dance and sing. I would love to sign her up for a dance class, but I fear that when she got there, she would cry the entire time and not really get anything out of it! What to do, what to do!

8. My sister won the contest! YAY, she gets to go in tomorrow for the first work up, and we will see where it goes from there. I will be sure to post a picture of the "AFTER", if my extreme jealousy doesn't get the best of me because I will be so JEALOUS when it is all said and done!

9. I e-mailed my dad TWICE when I started the blog to let him know the site and where to go so that he could keep track of us. This weekend he tells me that he just found the blog through Katie's, and "Why didn't I tell him I had one!?" MEN!

10. I really want to take my kids back to Rustler's Rooste because they talk about it all the time. Seriously, how fun is a restaurant with a slide, and the food, MMMmmmmmmmM!


Karen said...

I can't imagine having Joe work that late, but he's not a lawyer. Elizabeth Fella (from Xavier) is and she works a TON, too - 6 day work week is her norm. I also can't believe you packed up your house and unpacked it all by yourself ... that is amazing! Since this house is so small, I'm guessing it's just temporary while you still look?

Oh, and congrats to your sister. I voted for her :)

K to the M said...

OMG! Was it Denny who left the ticket?! LOL!

I love that Tyler is a singer and dancer! I bet she is so cute dancing around the house!!

My dad asked if I could email him everytime I posted a new blog. Because I don't have anything else to do!?

Can't wait to see pics of the new crib!