Friday, May 22, 2009


Pat's office was supposed to close at 3:00 today, it is now 3:15! The last 15 minutes have been awful. I have sat on the phone with crazy ass customer service, I have one child in each bathroom going poop, each one yelling that they need their butts wiped, and Tyler crying that, while she VERY APPARENTLY needs to go poop because she keeps requesting to do so, she doesn't need to, my very dear friend texting me while I am on the phone with the customer service person with a very important question-but of course I am on my cell phone because my home phone doesn't work, and I am just feeling completely overwhelmed-shaking for that matter!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, could Pat be on time, just once!???? It just doesn't matter to him! I wouldn't come home to this psycho house either! I know it is only fifteen minutes, BUT A LOT CAN HAPPEN IN JUST FIFTEEN MINUTES!

I hesitate to even push publish, but certainly the rest of you have had fifteen minutes of hell before. Your world can come crashing around you in just fifteen minutes!