Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I almost became the mommy that you see on the news in the pediatrician's office yesterday. It was almost as though I could see it happening before my very eyes, and I had to talk myself off the ledge. The receptionists at a doctor's office are NOT doctors, so they need to get rid of their God complex. Do they really want to stand between a mommy bird and her baby, I will eat you alive people!!??? Needless to say, I did not get a sticker after our visit yesterday since there were a lot of tears there! HA!

2. My sister, KATIE, entered the pimp your grill (teeth) contest on the Johnjay and Rich morning show. . .please go vote for her:


3. Pat and I went to Fogo de Chao on Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary! It was a great experience with lots of meat! I wouldn't say it is the most romantic of settings, but lucky for us, we are not the most romantic of couples, so it worked out perfectly! There was lots to look at, these men run around the restaurant with skewers of meat, if you want them to stop, you flip your card to the green side, if you want them to pass by, you flip your card to red. They are not shy about stopping, if it is green, you will have 5 men with meat in no time. It would make for a great bachelorette party, HA!

4. I still haven't watched the Bachelorette from last night, and I am already figuring out what I can bribe my kids with so that they will leave me alone for two hours. So far, I am at a loss. My kids can barely play by themselves for twenty minutes without needing something-which leads me to. . .

5. I have decided that being a stay at home mom is really like running a five star resort BY YOURSELF with NO STAFF! There is the housekeeping, room service, concierge, chef, laundry, etc. I feel like my kids expect me to respond to their requests as though they are the count and countess of Phoenix! WTF! I am sure if I handed them a comment card I would fail miserably!

6. I keep getting these random Qwest Reward gift cards in the mail. Last month, I got one for $75. This month, it was for $125. I know my phone line doesn't work, but do they think they are going to keep me as a customer if they keep mailing me these gift cards????? They might. I am thinking about using them for my Internet when I move, mainly because I have all the stuff already, and I haven't had many problems with the Internet portion! WE will see! I REALLY HATE QWEST, but does my love of gift cards outweigh the hatred I feel!????

7. Whatever happened to Bunnytown!??? I miss that Disney show!

8. I gave Claire a really hard time about giving up her cable last night at dinner, but I really admire her for trying it. I wouldn't even try. I can almost guarantee that if I gave up tv, I would spend more time on the Internet than I already do! OR, I would get talked into playing more Scrabble, and while generally I enjoy this game, any game where you have to wait for Patrick to take his turn is like Chinese water torture! He TAKES forever. It was better last time when we used the timer, but if you have played a game with Pat, you know what I am talking about!!!! I think I would only give up tv if I lived with Karissa, and we could play Phase 10!

9. I cannot wait to move so that I can stop inviting myself to other people's houses! There is nothing to do here, it is a packed up-dirty mess, it may be making me sick, I hate being here, so I come up with these great ideas (using up my 18 pound turkey and having a potluck), but I don't think anyone wants to come here AND I don't want anyone here, so I have to convince someone else to have it at their house! YUCK! Just 2 weeks, and I will have the house anyone can pop in at anytime. REALLY, I WILL!!!!

10. Extra prayers for my friend Kim who had a setback on her journey to beating the cancer! You can click on the link to the right or follow her story here-http://kimfightscancer.blogspot.com

I don't know if I have ever written anything about her personally, but I went to grade school with her. We spent NINE years together, and she was ALWAYS the best girl athlete in our class, well maybe it was a tie between Kim and Niccole Villa, but I digress, anyway, she was always SUPER TALL-modelesque, awesome at softball, volleyball, basketball, you name it. I remember that I would be SO EXCITED if I happened to beat one of these girls at the track and field day we would have! Anyway, her athleticism didn't stop once she left grade school, and it just confuses the hell out of me that someone so young, so in shape, and so YOUNG could be infected with such a fast moving, dangerous disease! She has such a positive attitude, so any extra prayers would be greatly appreciated!


K to the M said...

I always love your 10 on Tuesdays! I'm glad to hear you and Pat had a good time at the resort :) I want photos of the new house!! I'm so glad you guys got everything worked out!

Giving up cable would be impossible for me! I agree with you, if we lived together and played phase 10 with the ocassional skipbo and rummy, I could probably do it!

Love you! Miss you!

Colleen said...

Photos of the new house would be misleading, so I think you need to come visit! Is it obvious yet that I am in need of a Karissa fix?

K to the M said...

Sign me up! We have to hit Virginia Beach first because we haven't been there in 4 years! Next stop, Phoenix...for sure! I miss you hon! More than you can ever imagine!