Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a Fun Weekend!

This weekend was spent doing LOTS of fun activities, and I didn't pull my camera out once, what is that all about! I know, terrible, but I will do my best to verbalize!

Friday night was the Cinco de Mayo dinner at Jackson's school. It was lots of fun, thanks to the bootlegged margarita I was gifted, AND we won two of the 8 baskets that were being raffled off. Personally, I think the baskets are overkill, there is sooooooooooooooooo much stuff in each basket, that it would be nice if we broke it up into some smaller baskets and more people went home with prizes. I was in charge of the Basket for Jackson's room. It was a baking theme, and there was enough stuff in there to bake for the entire summer. Some REALLY cute stuff, but really four people could have gone home with a REALLY nice basket!

Saturday, we worked on some projects for my grandma's 80th birthday. We wrote 80 Reasons We LOVE her, and we made a photo collage. Then, we headed to Olive Garden for her birthday dinner, really nice of her to choose such a kid friendly place. We were there for two and a half hours, and I didn't even notice, the kids were sooooooooooo good!

Today, we were at Trader Joe's right when they opened. The kids love going there and pushing their own carts, and it was pretty dead at 8 on a Sunday morning. Then, we worked on our projects for Teacher Appreciation week, and finally, Jackson went to get his hair cut. I think he weighs FIVE pounds less!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm only surprised that there's no picture of Jackson's hair!! I will definitely have to try Trader Joe's on Sunday morning. I love to let Sarah push a cart and hate the dirty looks we get sometimes.

K to the M said...

Sounds like SO much fun!! I'm glad I had you had such a good weekend! I can't wait to see Jackson's hair! Catch any flies lately? ;) XOXO

Katie Thomson said...

I was surprised too when I got in the car and noticed the time. It did not seem like that much time went by. Good times with three kids!
Thanks for sharing the joy of your baskets with us! I will post pictures once I have Rylee take part in the Summer Fun basket item!