Monday, May 25, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8

I don't know if I have sounded off on them, but here goes! I think Kathy Griffin tweeted it best this morning on twitter, "Jon's a lazyass TOOL. Im not sayin Kate's a saint but Ive been watching this show from the start. Its always been Kate+9."

Pat and I watched the episode last night where they renewed their vows, and it really HURT my heart to watch it. It just seemed like they were going through the motions, sucking up the free Hawaiian vacation, hanging on the best they could. What can you really expect from them? My marriage changed when we had one child, they started with two. Throw two kids in the mix for Pat and I, and it is a daily struggle to survive, the bickering, nagging, whining, illness, and whatever else may come our way! I cannot even FATHOM having 8 children. The fact that they have been together as long as they have is a testament to them! I don't think I necessarily have a "side"! I think Kate is mean and speaks with a tone, but the opposite side of the coin is Jon being absolutely useless. If Kate doesn't tell him what to do, he doesn't do it. But, when she does tell him, she is mean about it. I don't think anyone is right! I do see all of the effort and work that Kate puts into the kids and the family, and I can't necessarily say I feel the same about Jon. He seems a little lost, mid-life crisis, blah! I wouldn't want to be in that house, but he made the choice to be there, so I think he needs to honor it!

In the episode last night, they flashed back to their wedding, and they were SOOOOOOOOOO YOUNG, now, they have so much responsibility, so much fame, so MUCH, and it really has just been ten years! It is really amazing how much your life can change in ten years! Pat and I met ten years ago, and I am dumbfounded by all that we have been through, and we don't have 8 kids! If we did, I wouldn't care if Pat was out messing around with some 23 year old because I can almost guarantee you, we would be DONE! I am just a little nicer than Kate with two kids, can you imagine what a PSYCHO I would be with 8!!!!!


Karen said...

I've been passively following the drama about Jon & Kate, mostly from what I read in People and US Weekly. I watched the vow renewal last night as well, and it was sad to think about where they are now while watching it. It's funny how People magazine portrays Jon as the bad guy but US Weekly is calling Kate a "monster". I agree with you that both parties have issues, but Jon does seem to be distancing himself from his responsibility as a husband and father. I don't know how well everything will turn out for them ... it's gotten so blown up recently and I feel really bad for the children.

Anonymous said...

For the record, you are nothing like Kate. Thanks for all you do!! Love you!