Friday, May 22, 2009

Children's Museum

I have calmed down now! I am much better actually! Jackson and I had a FABULOUS morning at the Phoenix Children's Museum! What an absolutely PHENOMENAL place. I am a children's museum SNOB. We went to this AMAZING place in St Louis, The Magic House, and it rocked, seriously! Then, in San Antonio, there was this amazing, out of the way Children's Museum in New Braunfels, and NOW, FINALLY, there is a FANTASTIC place in Phoenix for me to take my children.

Again-if you are looking to sponsor me, I would LOVE a membership to this place! It rocked! There are three levels to the museum, each with different activities. This would be an amazing place to take the children all summer. It was so much fun! I actually went through the "Noodle Forest"! Only got a pic of Jackson though!

Doesn't it just look fun! There is this whole secret room at the end of it, where you can stick critters on this crank, and then when they reach the top, they fly off, SO MUCH FUN!

I learned a lot about Jackson by watching him today! He is the most AMAZING playmate. Trust me, I have LOTS of negative things to say about him, and you have heard many, but he truly LOVES to play. He doesn't care if people are cutting in front of him, he doesn't care if people are mean to him TIME AND TIME AGAIN, he will go back, and he will try and try until it works out. I am standing at the bottom of this car race track, and people are cutting him off, and I am FURIOUS, seriously, I am thinking about going up there and telling off these stupid 12 year olds, and he is just so thrilled they are talking to him, he makes friends with them, and they race their cars, and I just think to myself, "WOW! I could learn a lot from him and the amount of patience he has!" I HAVE NONE! Of course, the child is a puddle of tears when the 12 year olds tell him that he lost the race, but that's a story for a different day! I don't think anyone likes to lose, and I get that! (I included a really cool picture of the car race track-I think MALAKAI would LOVE LOVE LOVE it!)

PS-Maybe Rylee could marry Malakai-his name is bright red in spell check as well!