Sunday, May 10, 2009


I cannot express in words just how much I LOVE and ADORE my mom!

I have no patience-she has a bucket load!

I am always sick, and I have NO memory of her being sick growing up-surely she must have been at some point!

I always want to get away, I make up fake trips to go on, just so I can dream! I remember my dad taking care of us ONCE, one time the whole time growing up, my mom went away to Chicago for a wedding. My pigtails felt weird, my clothes were wrong, it just didn't feel right! I still remember standing in my parent's bathroom, and my dad seriously TRYING to do my hair, but it was just a disaster (props to him because I would have sent my children running if that acted that way!)!

Her cooking isn't fantastic by any means, but WE NEVER ATE OUT! Seriously, she cooked three meals a day, didn't make us eat cafeteria food and always had a hot dinner, including vegetables! Now that I have kids, trying to figure out what they are going to eat makes me NUTS! I am already excited that Jackson can buy his lunch next year-PRAISE JESUS!

She didn't believe in baths or showers before bed, so we would all get up in the morning, shower, do hair, eat, practice piano, etc. I can barely get the three of us out the door in the morning, let alone throw a shower into the mix!

She is more concerned about where and when we are moving, what we are doing, how we are doing, than anyone else I know.

She will drop everything she is doing to call doctors, Walmart, Pep Boys, or whatever the current crisis is, and help solve the problem.

She never says no to baby-sitting (except for the occasional overlap with Katie and Rylee Rose)!

She loves my kids more than she loves Katie and I, which I never though possible.

She is the best role model I could ever hope to have, although I think I am failing miserably because she made it look easy, and I struggle on a daily basis!



K to the M said...

Are you trying to drive your mom into histairics(sp)!? That was the sweetest thing ever Colleen! She definitely is an AMAZING role model! I'm so lucky to have her as my Godmother. :)

Roberta said...

Sitting here sobbing at my desk is not a good way to start off Monday morning--thanks so much-you are a great mom!! You have happy children who know they are well loved!!!

Cynthia said...

ohhhh I love this! you are indeed blessed and so is your mom to have such a wonderful daughter !