Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am disappointed with my list this week because we REALLY did not do anything exciting this past week!

2. I don't even know where Claire kept the HUGE pile of boxes she gave to Pat and I. I don't think I can express my gratitude. Seriously, there is no feel of panic because I am certain we have plenty of boxes. When we moved last time, Pat and Paul would wait for us to empty the box and go back and refill it! NIGHTMARE!

3. My mom is watching my kids this weekend while we move. When I told her that I was giving people lists of things to do for me, COSTCO, grocery store, Home Depot, etc., she proceeded to tell me that she didn't receive a list, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? You are taking my kids, why would I give you a list CRAZY!? This is why I love her!

4. The house we are moving into has wains coating, very similar to the picture below, paint on top is a different color, but you get the idea! ANYWAY, I have nightmares about the kids taking crayons or markers to it. I know they have never done this before, but it would be my luck, REALLY!

5. My kids are obsessed with planning their birthday parties. Tyler wants her party at an ice cream place, and I was really confused how the whole crew was going to cram into a little Baskin Robbins or Cold Stone. Shannon reminded me of the SUPER cool Mary Coyle that is super cute and would be PERFECT! Apparently they have a room in the back-PERFECT!

6. On the same note, when Tyler says she wants her birthday party at an ice cream place, Jackson will tell her that she can't have a Dora cake because people will just eat ice cream, this make Tyler cry, and I end up screaming at Jackson to be quiet and Tyler to stop crying or there will be no cake! Her birthday isn't for months, and this is basically the same conversation we have on the way to school every MWF!

7. The incisions from where they went in to take my appendix out itch more and more lately!

8. We seriously have MINIMAL groceries left in this house, but I refuse to buy more and have to move them! For dinner Friday night the kids had package cream cheese and chive crackers, chocolate raisins and mandarin oranges! I don't even have a clue what they are going to eat the rest of the week! It's an adventure every time I open the pantry!

9. Tyler's bladder is smaller than mine. Jackson could hold his pee, and still does, FOR HOURS! Tyler seriously goes to the bathroom every ten minutes, and it is annoying! On a side note, the other night, she woke up at 2 in the morning, screaming to go poop in the potty! She did, then she went back to bed! I think she has the poop thing down, which I am SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY about, now we are working on peeing!

10. We went to IKEA with Katie, Paul and Rylee this weekend. Holding Rylee reminded me how happy I am that I am not having another child. She is at that stage where she doesn't really want to sit on your hip, so she dives forward trying to get down on the floor out of your arms, she is so determined and strong, but really happy I am not struggling with her while controlling my other monkeys! I could just hand her back to Katie, tell Tyler to stop whining for the one thousandth time, and discuss with Jackson whatever word or phrase he has decided to pick apart! Currently the phrase "mouth watering" doesn't make sense to him-he doesn't get how that would be good, it is kind of a funny picture when you think about it!


Anonymous said...

I love your mom. She's awesome. When does the big moving party begin? 6 AM Sunday? Can we bring donuts or bagels? Can we help load Saturday night? Let me know, Andy is happy to help. ;)

Colleen said...

You are so sweet, as soon as I know the details, I will let you know! I really appreciate your help!

Shouldn't I go get you donuts or bagels since you are helping me!!??? XOXO

K to the M said...

As much hell as you've been through with house hunting, I am still very jealous you are moving!! I love new experiences!

Your mom is so funny! She would let you go out of town, watch the kids, and move for you if you would let her. Gotta love Mrs. Kerwin.

I am going through the exact thing with Leila right now, except she just wants down so she can walk! She is in to EVERYTHING!

Good luck with moving this weekend!!


Colleen said...

It is no longer a new experience when you have moved five times in the six years you have been married. It is now just an annoying, ridiculous CHORE!!!

It would be a new experience if I was living on the ninth floor of a downtown high rise, but NO LUCK, my husband wouldn't let me!

This comment sounds so pessimistic, but I guess I am a little pissy these days!

Katie Thomson said...

You can give me a list for chores and places to go. Since Rylee is all over the place it would be easier for me to go places than try to tame Rylee at your house.
And now I even know how to pull a cart and carry a baby at the same time!

Brad said...

She has the poop thing down but not the pee? You are so lucky. Porter is exactly opposite which is seriously annoying. I think he just doesn't want to poop in the potty. Maybe it's a boy thing since I seem to remember you saying Jackson had the same issue.

Colleen said...

I have heard that kids think the poop is theirs, and that they don't want to get rid of it, ownership! I told Tyler one time that she couldn't poop on Dora or Dora would cry, and it worked! I have also heard that girls are much easier than boys, and it looks like that is somewhat true!