Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. One hour from now is my VERY LAST Preschool Board meeting, and I am not excited at all! HA! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!

2. Jackson went bowling with his teachers yesterday at school, another one of my super auction wins!! I LOVE THEM. He came in first out of the other five kids that were there, and he was very excited about his big 80 points! He looked a little green when I got there. They said he ate 5 pieces of pizza, fries, and I KID YOU NOT, one of those HUGE cookies that you see at arenas and wonder how the heck someone would eat that! DISGUSTING, but he had a blast and didn't puke, so maybe we are headed in the right direction, LOL! Hang in there Kate, he is only 4.5 years old!

3. I love party planning, the Teacher Appreciation Lunch last week was right up my alley! If anyone ever needs help, I get extreme joy out of it!

4. Tyler has pooped on the potty TWICE now. Sure I have to stalk her, and we aren't officially starting until May 23rd, but I am hoping it will be a much easier process if she already knows to poop. I have a feeling that she inherited my extremely small bladder because she is CONSTANTLY going. She will pee and 30 minutes later ask to go again! Thank God for preschool because if I didn't have to have them trained for that, we would NEVER be potty trained because I hate it so much!

5. My car battery died last week. Pat didn't have the right tools to get it out, so my grandpa came to fix it. I LOVE THAT MAN!

6. While my grandpa was here fixing it, we got on the subject of interracial relationships, and he went off about how he does not believe in them, and that he has nothing against African Americans (or any foreigner), he doesn't think they should mix in relationships! This is a foreign concept to me, and it surprised me that he feels this way because I was not raised like this, and I had no idea! I don't really care much about what other people do (interracial relationships, same sex marriage, etc)-IT IS NOT MY RELATIONSHIP, so why should I care, it amazes me that people would be bothered by what others do. I can't grasp the concept! This conversation all started because of Tiger Woods.

7. We are in another 7-10 day window for the house we have an offer in on! The BPO still hasn't been ordered.

8. We are no longer interested in waiting it out to see if we get this house. We have moved on to looking at rentals for another year.

9. The house we are in goes to auction on Thursday. Aren't you all interested in living out what happens once it forecloses. I already have a plan if someone comes to kick me out. It goes (A) grab children (B) grab wine (C) head to friend's house and get REALLY REALLY DRUNK (D) have Pat come pick the kids and I up! I am hoping they follow procedure and give us 30 days notice, but YOU NEVER KNOW THESE DAYS!

10. Jackson keeps asking me what I want to be when I grow up, I tell him a millionaire. He tells me I should be a rock star! He wants to be Batman and get the bad guys, and Tyler wants to be Dora. When Jackson asks her if she wants to save animals because that's what Dora does, she is silent, then she says, "NO, I am just going to be Dora and hang out with Boots!" I have visions of her wanting to be Dora for Halloween, and I just don't think that would be very cute!

Happy Anniversary Karissa and Josh-WE LOVE YOU!


K to the M said...

I wish you were here so you could plan ALL my parties!! I would gladly pay you lots! Probably not enough to make you a millionaire though :)

Love you!


Katie Thomson said...

I am praying the no throw up/spit up days are soon. I just didn't think it would be 4 years down the road. I think we are doing better...but I am sure I will change that thought once I have her 24/7!
YAY for renting. So extremely jealous!! I don't like being a home owner!!