Wednesday, May 20, 2009


(1) Lands End having SUPER sale, check it out, and if you want free shipping, use MEMORIALDAY as code and 2958 as pin! I want these chairs desperately, but I still think they are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced at $97, but DAMN, they are CUTE!

(2) I feel like I have been run over by a truck! I am exhausted from trying to find somewhere to live, negotiating, waiting for an answer, Jackson's strep, Jackson's last day with the most amazing teachers ever, kids being off school for the next 10 days! I don't know how much more I can handle. It is just getting to the point where you will see me on the nightly news flipping out on someone!

(3) Still love Postino! I am so thankful that I didn't go there until about two months ago because otherwise I would weigh a million and one pounds. Seriously, everytime I go, I try to tell the people I am with that the bruschetta is enough, they never believe me, we end up ordering too much, I leave stuffed! I think I may have even converted Pat to the fact that bruschetta and wine would be plenty! MMMMmmmmmmmmmm!

(4) My sister's teeth are taking over her LIFE, please vote for her if you haven't! However, Kate you should know that we will love you the same, your daughter will love you the same, your husband will love you the same, with or without the brand new teeth! I think this contest may have even taught me something about myself!


(5) I could not even keep it together at school today. Cried at drop off, cried at pick up, signed Jackson out for the last time, and it was all too much for me to handle. They made all the kids sand buckets with things to do over the summer, they made them bear cookies, they are just awesome! I wish Tyler was going directly into their class because it would make the transition that much easier, but I am seriously going to go into shock without them in my life next year! They are both exactly like my mom, have kids the same age as me, and I just connected with them. Oh-my heart aches!

(6) Pat and I have been together for 10 years, that's one third of my life, isn't that crazy, and most days, I still feel like he doesn't know me at all!

(7) I am a huge fan of mushrooms, but I don't think I really like the "wild" variety, they just taste gritty and dirty! It is not that I won't eat them, I still do, I think I just prefer a more processed mushroom, HA!

(8) A mom from Jackson's class this morning stopped to comment on how photogenic he is! She was working on the scrapbook, and she just couldn't believe how good he looked in each picture. MAYBE there is something to my dream of having him become a GAP model, HA!

Think I like this style of blogging, it might just be # on _________ (insert day of week)! That's all! Off to catch up on a little DVR while my children are bribed with Munchie mix and fruit punch! This has been an emotionally draining day! I would guess I am in bed by 8PM!


K to the M said...

I LOVE the chairs!!

*side note* my word verification was mmwine!!