Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am terrified that someone will take one of my children. They wouldn't have their special Ellie or Monkey, they wouldn't understand them, they wouldn't feed them, etc. It brings enormous amounts of tears to my eyes each and every week.

2. I have done obscene amounts of arts and crafts this week. My project yesterday was aprons for Shannon, Andrea, and I to wear at the Teacher Appreciation Lunch tomorrow. They read: We Love You, Thank You and You Rock! I think the teachers will get a kick out of them. I decorated them with hand prints and used iron ons for the words!

3. I already made Dorito Casserole for tonight's Cinco de Mayo meal. I love Cinco de Mayo, YUM!

4. I DESPISE the Arrowhead area. I don't know what it is, but there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people in that area at all times! You can't drive, eat, walk, etc without a million and one people around!

5. Tyler got some new books, her personal fave, "Nancy Fancy"! No matter how many times I say it the right way (Fancy Nancy), she says Nancy Fancy! Makes me giggle everytime!

6. I wish someone could record me one day so that I could hear how many times I say, "Go in the playroom"! I am pretty sure some kids would freaking KILL for a playroom, and I can't get mine to stay in there for more than five minutes. How do you teach children to play by themselves! As soon as I start a chore, they are all up on me, needing something, wanting something, showing me something. It is so frustrating!

7. Jackson learned compound words in school yesterday. They are doing Cowboy Theme right now, so the words were things like-jackrabbit, tumbleweed, stagecoach, rattlesnake, so on and so forth. They would mix up the words and make silly words. His current fave is jackweed, and he will put those two words together over and over!

8. Why do kids INSIST on playing with other kids that are not nice to them. There is a boy at Jackson's school that has been TERRORIZING him since the beginning of the year, and EVERY DAY when I go pick him up from school, there is a new story. I have told Jackson EVERY DAY-play with the kids who are nice to you, why do you play with this kid? Is he nice to your friends (no), then walk away and your friends will follow you because you are nice! ARGH! Pat wants to tell Jackson to punch him in the face and have me call his mom-I talked to the teachers and director about it, what would the mom do, she is not even present when it is happening. BESIDES, she is one of those parents who says no 50 times, and then finally caves, so I am sure this information would be lost on her!

9. I don't have good luck with can openers. They always get rusty, full of water, and then they don't work anymore. Sometimes, I just want to give up washing it because I know that's what causes the problem, but that is gross, so. . .I just keep buying new ones.

10. Our annoying neighbor came over to talk to Pat about all of the flies they are getting from our nasty green pool. This neighbor knows the whole situation and is aware of what is going on over here, sooooooooooo my blood started boiling when I heard this. (A) WE RENT, we are not going to fix the pool! (B) If they are bad over there, imagine them over here, and you all know I LOVE BUGS AND ALL THINGS OUTDOORS! (C) They called the landlord to talk to them about the problem, and SHOCKER, they didn't return the call. WELCOME TO THE CLUB PEOPLE! People are just so annoying to me these days, I really need an attitude adjustment!


Claire said...

Yay for Fancy Nancy!!! I am sad Tyler will miss out on our soiree!

We need a MNO to talk about all the insanity!

K to the M said...

Number one is a daily fear for me as well! Especially since I can't stay away from the news and it seems to be happening so much!!

It breaks my heart to think that some child is not being nice to my Jackson, who we all know is the sweetest thing EVER! Makes me want to make an anonymous phone call to the mom and tell her to deal with her kid or she'll be visiting him in tent city one day ;)

Katie Thomson said...

Hope your day gets better with the Qwest people. :o)

Karen said...

Alcohol = instant attitude adjustment. I wish I could partake, believe me. And it's Cinco de Mayo, so that's a perect reason to start now!