Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wash Your Mouth Out with Soap!

Does anyone else feel like their family EATS or DRINKS hand soap? I swear I just bought a stock pile of soap, and it is already gone. Where is it going!?? I haven't used it to wash any one's mouth out yet, although I feel the day is fast approaching! Just kidding, I never really felt that really taught me anything, and now a days, with all the yummy scents, it would probably taste good and my kids would beg me to do it again-just a guess, knowing my luck and all!


Anonymous said...

Love this one!! I feel the exact same way. What is it with the hand soap. Seriously! I'm guessing that Sarah uses like 4 pumps per hand washing. One minute I'm filling a bottle and the next it's empty.

PS Love the Button

Colleen said...

At least you are smart and freaking refill, I just keep buying new ones!!!

Anonymous said...

I finally gave up last month and bought the big jug from Costco. I need to get better containers though I think. The "apple orchard" is now filled with vanilla something.