Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Arts and Crafts for Whom?

We went to meet Jackson's teachers today, who I just think are the greatest things ever. I will keep you posted on whether or not my feelings change throughout the year, but I DOUBT IT! Anyway, the theme in their room for the first month is Teddy Bear Picnics. They gave me this blank teddy bear, and we are supposed to fill it with pictures of family, stuffed things, animals, pets, etc. They said to work on it with your child, but really, glue, pictures, and Jackson! That sounds like a nightmare to me. So I have ordered the pictures, thought about some ways to decorate the bear, but I am stuck. Give me a blank scrapbook page, and I would be set, the bear shaped thing, kind of throwing me for a loop! LOL!

PS-Before I get comments about how I should let Jackson express himself, and how he should embrace this project, BLAH BLAH BLAH, I have SEVERE OCD!!!! This is why I send him to a wonderful, fantastic, student led preschool that allows him to express himself there. Don't send messy, art projects home that need to hang on the wall of his classroom ALL YEAR!!!!


Newlywed said...

I understand the OCD thing. Try double sided fabric tape. No mess and much easier to get the pics to stick :)