Thursday, August 7, 2008

What Tyler ate yesterday!

1/4 of a frozen waffle
1 bag of Strawberry Shortcake fruit snacks
1 fruit cup
1 bite of Kid Cuisine chicken nugget
1/2 chocolate chip cookie
1/2 Dixie cup of Fruit Loops
1/2 of a piece of bacon dipped in ketchup (THIS WAS DINNER!)

I could list Jackson's food intake, but that is so not even near as funny to me. I think the half of a piece of bacon dipped in ketchup is what made me take notice! Jackson and I now sit and talk about how Daddy and Tyler eat like birds, and we are GOOD EATERS!! Until next time, keep eating!


Karen said...

I understand exactly how you feel ... Brand't isn't exactly at risk for becomming an obese child. Today was good, but some days he exists only on milk, cheerios & bananas. On Tuesday I'm going to ask the doctor how much I should worry about his lack-of-eating days. Ugh!

Colleen said...

OOooooh, can you ask him if there is a vitamin that we can give? She doesn't go until October, and I don't want to waste the co-pay! I will trust your physician completely!

Karen said...

Yeah, I'll let you know. I bought some Pediasure because I thought that might help supplement, but of course he wants nothing to do with it. I'm guessing it doesn't taste very good. I wonder how much he's gained since his 15 month appt in May ... probably barely a pound.

The Magill Family said...

Caymen has always been this way! Still is! At 5 yrs old he is only 38lbs!! Now granted some of this is because of his heart condition, but some is just because he would rather play than eat! He does has have a multivitamin every day, and anyway I can sneak a few extra calories I do. And then there's Katarina . . . I think I am gonna have to tell her someday to back away from the dinner table! LOL!!

Colleen said...

Isn't that funny, how different they are!!??? The day Tyler turns two, I am getting the Flinstones vitamins for toddlers, but until then, she will just have to survive on the nutrients found in fruit snacks and chocolate chip cookies because I am in NO MOOD! I was quite impressed when she ate five bites of her bean burrito for lunch today, YAY Tyler!

Karen said...

So I took Brandt to the doctor - he gained 14 ounces in 3 months. The doctor didn't seem worried and assured me that as long as he's developing normally we don't have to worry about how much (or little) he eats. So I have no words of wisdom for you other than just go with the flow ... as frustrating as that is.