Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What a way to start the day!

You know those days where things just don't start off on the right foot! Today was that kind of day! Doing dishes this morning, when somehow a wine glass comes right off the counter crashing down on the tile! I just had a flashback to my sister telling me that the new glass baby bottles are really difficult to break, when she asked me my opinion of them, and I told her, "They will BREAK!" Send them to this house, and I guarantee they will break, I can break just about anything because just about everything makes it to my tile floor sooner or later! I was pleased though that it was one of my new SUPER CHEAP wine glasses that I bought at IKEA, a set of 18 glasses (6 white wine, 6 red wine, and 6 water glasses) were a total of $4 when I bought them. Can you beat that? Since I have broke just about all the wine glasses I got from Williams Sonoma for our wedding, I figured that until I am a more responsible adult, I probably should not have nice wine glasses! They are no where near the size of my old ones, and I have to get up and refill them more often, but for now they will do!
THEN, I had a doctor's appointment at noon, so Pat came home to watch the kids on his lunch break. I should have known from the parking lot that there was no way I was going to be seen on time, but I walked in, and there was not even a seat available for me to sit in, the PLACE WAS PACKED. They said she was running 45 minutes behind, probably more like 2 hours in doctor land, and I was like, "PEACE OUT!" My time is just as valuable as their time is, maybe if we all start walking out, they will understand! I was just looking forward to seeing whether or not her treatment would help, so I was a little discouraged, but hopefully, I can reschedule!
So, this leads me to present time where you can find me typing this posting and wondering if it is bad to drink a glass of wine before my pedicure appointment at 6:00!!


Karen said...

I'm right there with you for having a blah day - it sucks. I, too, had a doctor appointment but made the brilliant mistake of bringing Brandt with me. Horrible decision. On the positive side, you got to enjoy some yummy wine AND a pedicure! Sounds like a good ending to a crappy day.