Sunday, August 17, 2008

Indoor Miniature Golfing

With the temperature rising daily, we are desperate to get out of the house, and we were lucky enough to discover a great little indoor golf place right around the corner from our house. The cheese factor of this place was AMAZING, and I don't know how much older children would enjoy it, especially if they had been to Castles and Coasters, Crackerjax, etc. before this place, but for our kids it was PERFECT!!! They had the best time. Jackson treated the golf ball more like a hockey puck, guiding it to the hole. Tyler spent the whole time yelling, "MISS!", thrilled that it wasn't getting in the hole! They gave the animals hugs and kisses, and thought it was a grand ol' time! If they thought those animals were great, I can hardly wait to see them at Disneyland in January! Tyler got a little tired on hole 16 and decided that she would just sit down and hit the ball.

They also had a fabulous HUNGRY, HUNGRY HIPPO video game, and for those of you who don't know, that is item #1 on his Christmas/Birthday list!


Cynthia said...

Madeleine would LOVE that "Hungry, Hungry Hippo" game. we have the much smaller version. Tyler will have to teach Campbell how to walk in flip flops. She can't figure it out and gets the thong piece between the wrong toes. She actually got blisters along the side of her foot from wearing them wrong. if you can believe it!

Colleen said...

I can totally believe it because Tyler has blister from wearing them the right way, and I tried to get her to wear different shoes, but she wants to be just like Jackson, so she has already adopted the motto, "Pain is beauty!"

Laurie said...

So fun! I swear Chucky Cheese and Disneyland are a tie in my kids minds.