Monday, August 25, 2008

Celeb Gossip!

Just hadn't taken the time to say how UTTERLY disappointed I was that Gwen Stefani named her new baby boy, Zuma Nesta Rock. She was my example of a good celeb rocker name, using the name Kingston, and her kid was actually able to pull it off because his parents are rockers. Apparently there is some strong connection to Jamaica and Bob Marley with both names, but still, not a fan!

Also, just wanted to congratulate Ellen and Portia on their marriage. Really happy for them, and they both looked gorgeous on their wedding day! I absolutely adore Portia's dress!


Cynthia said...

LOVE her dress! I hope this lasts for them, Ellen is a laugh riot and after the Anne Heche nightmare she deserves the best. Mazel Tov!

and Zuma? isn't that some cheesy girly wine cooler like drink? ; )

Colleen said...

ZIMA! That's the first thing that Pat said too!!!!

K to the M said...

I love Ellen! I try to catch her dancing segment every day...cracks my ass up! Good for them!

I love the name Kingston!! However, not a huge fan of Puma, I mean Zuma. WTF?

The Magill Family said...

I have mixed emotions on the "Zuma" name! It comes from a beach in CA (that they go to often) and that I actually grew up going to!! So in that way I feel a connection to it and think it's kinda cool, but do think it's one of the odder of celebrity baby names!