Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let's All Go Play in the Sun

This week, we took a little mini vacation and went to go stay at the new Arizona Grand (old Pointe South Mountain), and what a GREAT TIME we had, and we didn't even leave the city. The first night we went swimming at their amazing water park, and then we headed out to eat at Rustler's Rooste-now officially known in our house as the slide restaurant!

Both Pat and I have fond memories of the place as a child, so we thought our kids would really love it! I played it smart in wearing a dress to Rustler's Rooste, so I didn't have to get up ONE TIME with them, HA HA! (Not a plan, just kind of worked out that way since I didn't have a lot of time to pack!) The food was incredible, Pat and Paul shared the Cowboy Stuff, and it was a ton of food, but they cleaned the platter, saved room for dessert, and BEER of course!

And, just so you know I was there, here is a picture of Jackson and I pretending to be cowboys. We are obviously reversed, but there was no stool behind it, and Jackson could barely reach, so we tried to take the picture as quickly as possible, before he three year old patience ran out!!!

I managed to get some cute pictures at their amazing beach entry pool! Jackson and Tyler could spend hours there each and every day. They had incredible frozen drinks for mommy and daddy, Dippin' Dots, sandwiches and fried food, MMMmmmm! Isn't Tyler such a big girl drinking out of a big girl cup? Just wants to be like her big brother!

Last, but not least, does anyone notice anything different about Jackson!???


the swope family said...

Okay, I must not see him often enough if I can't figure out what is different. You're going to have to point it out for me!

K to the M said...

Love the haircut!! Looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for scoping the place out for us :)

Colleen said...

Jackson got a hair cut, he went to Sport Clips, had his hair washed, cut and sat perfectly still all for a STINKING lollipop! Oh, the things that kids will do for a lollipop!!!