Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tyler's First Day of School

Well, she made it through the day. They thought about calling me because she would cry on and off all day, and let me tell you, I am glad that they didn't call me. When I walked in, she was sitting on Miss Katie's lap and was PERFECTLY content. She did start sobbing the SECOND that she saw me, and she has been kind of clingy the rest of the day, but overall, I think she is going to adjust nicely. She loved taking her lunchbox, she tells me that she had fun, but she is TWO, so who really knows!
Jackson was GREATLY concerned by all the kids lying down to take a nap. He wanted to know why they were all sleeping there, didn't they have beds at home, and why weren't their mommies and daddies coming to get them. I explained to him that some kids have a mommy that works and a daddy that works, so they have ANOTHER PERSON that loves them all day, so they get even MORE LOVE! But, he didn't buy it, he just told me that he didn't know how the kids stayed at school all day, didn't they miss their families. Guess he appreciates me staying home more than I realize!

I have such hams for children! They just can't wait to smile once that camera comes out. We are coming dangerously close to not being able to get a "normal" picture because their smile takes over their whole face, but I thought the picture above was cute!


The Magill Family said...

It's not just a cute picture - it's adorably sweet! What a big girl! I'm sure after a few more days she'll get used to it and they won't even have to think about calling you! Love Jackson's concern for the other kids! Caymen used to feel left out because he didn't get to stay all day like the other kids!

K to the M said...

I just love her!! You can tell by the pics that she is just a little sassy thang! Isn't it amazing how kids perceive things?! I just wish I could live inside their heads for a day. A few of the kids in Kai's class had siblings that started Kindergarden this year and they are having a terrible time adjusting to not having their sibling at the same's so sweet! I love sibling love! You had to remind me of that the night I was in on the bathroom floor at RAW! WOW! That was random!

Anonymous said...

I love this picture of her! The shoes are just perfect. LOVE IT! She's getting so big.

Cynthia said...

Boy does time fly! what a big girl she's becoming and how sweet hearted is Jackson! love it!