Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two Days and Counting

Tyler has been to school twice now, her first day being Wednesday, and already, she has the drippy nose, watery eyes and cough. I know it is for the best because it will build up her immunity, but she is NOT a fun sick person. She was up every hour last night wanting to be held and have her nose wiped. Even the magic potion, AKA Tylenol, was not doing the trick. I am hoping that she is soooo exhausted tonight that she will sleep soundly, but if her nap was any indication of tonight, I am in for it again! My poor baby!
I am truly disappointed, as I was supposed to host an End of Summer Ice Cream Social tomorrow, but I have since renamed it a Back to School Ice Cream Social. Her teacher also invited her to come in for Music Class on Monday, just so she would continue to get accustomed to her class, and I was iffy about that, but now I don't even have a choice. They would throw me out the second we walked in the door.


Cynthia said...

oh poor Tyler! poor you! Madeleine has that same bug, her temp is up to 102.6. sounds like fun times all over.