Monday, August 25, 2008


Tattoos are not for me, I have never loved anything enough to permanently place it on my body, but I have to admit that if I ever went to the Olympics, win or lose, I would totally get the Olympic rings tattooed somewhere, and maybe the year and city of the Olympics I participated in! Same is true of like Final Four, Super Bowl, etc. Maybe it is not too late, maybe I will live vicariously through my children and tattoo their accomplishments on me! Don't be scared, it will most likely be on my wrinkly butt! :-)


K to the M said...

Good to know...Good to know! However, this isn't really helping my 12 step program for Online Shopping Anonymous!

K to the M said...

Okay, that comment was totally supposed to post on the coupon blog. I don't know what the hell happened :)