Thursday, August 14, 2008

L is for "Don't Take a Picture of the Picture"!

I don't have many pictures from our trip to the Phoenix Art Museum this morning. I was desperate to get out of the house, so the kids and I went to walk around the Phoenix Art Museum. I thought they would have fun looking at the different pictures, BOY WAS I WRONG! Jackson played along for a little while trying to find things that I had spotted in the painting, but mostly he was just concerned with when we were going to go on the elevator, and if he could push the button. Tyler just wanted juice and snacks, but there is no food allowed, and most of the time I would think that means for the adults and ignore the rule, but there was seriously an employee like every five feet watching over you.
The lady at the front desk thought that we would like the firefly exhibit. I could not see one inch in front of my face to even enter the room and maneuver my stroller through, so I don't know what the woman in the lobby thought a three and one year old would find exciting about a pitch black room with a few lights. Both my kids are crying, and the employee outside seriously came in to see if all was OK. I think she thought I took them in there to beat them or something. She's like, "Is everything OK in here!" What do you think lady? The deadly quiet museum was just not the place for us today.
Then, we ran into another employee who told us about the children's section of the museum. So, Jackson was thrilled because she told him he could touch things there. BUT, then on our way there, some other lady told us to come back on Saturday because that's when the children's section opens, so Jackson starts crying. I wanted to eat lunch at the Arcadia Farms restaurant inside the museum. The child, who loves restaurants, is so disturbed by the place that he doesn't even want to stay there one more minute, so we left and got McDonald's on the way home. Not exactly what I had in mind, but they do have a fantastic Southwest Chicken Salad, so I honored the poor guy's wishes.
The kids did find one painting that they liked, you can see why, so I took their picture in front of it so that you would all see what an educational morning we had. As soon as I snapped the photo, a employee was on top of me telling me that if there is an L in front of the picture number it means that it is on loan and can't have pictures taken of it! FOR THE LOVE OF MONKEYS!


Karen said...

I'm sorry this outing sucked. It's no fun to take your kids someplace that ends up being completely kid-unfriendly.

On a random note, I think I have the same stroller.

the swope family said...

I had a dream last night that you were an art theif and you used your kids as your cover! I woke up laughing as I thought about it! So, sorry that you had a crappy morning yesterday, but it sure was a funny dream!! Hope today is better!!!