Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Dream about Michael Phelps-rated G!

OK, so it is no secret that if I could choose one cosmetic procedure to have done, I would have BIG, WHITE, porcelain veneers (picture of girl who has veneers) on any tooth in my mouth that you can see. My teeth are hypo calcified, which means that they are REALLY good teeth, but they don't have enamel or look pretty. SO, last night, I have this dream where I am sobbing because they just told me that it would cost $20K (which is NOT a stretch), and I am devastated because I can't afford it, when in walk Michael Phelps. AAaaahhhh! I know you are thinking that he is going to offer to pay, but no, in turn, he lays down in the chair and has the dentist check his teeth/mouth, and the dentist tells us, "Well, It would cost Michael $100K to fix all his problems!" I know in my dream it was meant to make me feel better, but today, thinking about it, PHELPS CAN AFFORD IT!!!

**SIDE NOTE** He drives the exact car I want!! Love that man!