Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What do you think?

Do they look alike, similar, or like they are not even related. These pictures are totally representative of their personalities at this age too because Jackson was such a happy child, and Tyler, while she has her moments, is a much more serious child. I see this face about a million and one times a day, and it is the face she makes before she starts repeating her request for some item OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!!


Claire said...

I think they MOST DEFINETLEY look alike! The eyes are totally different, but the rest of them... you can TOTALLY tell they are related!

I miss their little faces! We need to find a way to see you guys more often!

the swope family said...

I agree with Claire. You can totally tell that they are siblings!

The Magill Family said...

I think you can tell they are related for sure! I know what you mean about the "serious" face though! Katarina seems to be like that too!